“As anyone who has ever …

“As anyone who has ever been around a cat for any length of time well knows, cats have enormous amounts of patience with the limitations of the human mind.” Cleveland Amory

Well, hi there. We’re pretty excited to be starting our new blog, Herb and Art Muse.

We are two indoor cats living with a human, we call B, and she is helping us to start up. This is new for B, as she has never used WordPress, so please bear with her.

We have been inspired to create a mouthpiece for our musings after following along with B’s two blogs, and some of her more astute blogging friends.

B says we need to keep this short and sweet, as she has work in the morning, and as well she is excited to see if the post will actually come up. We have lots of exciting ideas, such as book reviews, meditations, a look at various popular myths, and quotes about cats, such as “A cat has nine lives”. We’reΒ  not sure who thought that up, as we know it’s absolutely not true.

We prefer to leave you with this short but lovely quote, “The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Leonardo da Vinci ( We guess he was well qualified for such a statement.)

Herb and Art signing out.


13 thoughts on ““As anyone who has ever …

  1. Hey, Herbert and Arthur,
    It’s B here.
    Congrats on the idea, and I don’t know if this is working. I’m at this point quite sure no one will find your blog. Maybe tomorrow we can do some tweeking.
    It’s time for me to hit the hay.
    Don’t wake me up at 4 again tomorrow morning okay?
    Love – B

  2. P.S.
    This is all new, and B needs to do a LOT of tweaking. She needs to get to the working on the sidebar, and update the blogs we love to follow. But she says that she MUST get to sleep, so as we know how important sleep is, we must wait for tomorrow for her help.

  3. Congrats you guys! I think it’s so cool you’ve started your very own blog. There are lots of cat blogs out there and I know you’ll connect with some great felines that way. Your header looks great and the quote you shared at the end of this post was one of my mom’s favs.

    I’ll let Ched know you are now blogging. I know he’ll be pleased. Perhaps he inspired you, just a bit, to give it a try!!! πŸ™‚

    I wasn’t able to click through from my own WP blogs, which was kind of strange but maybe just a gltich as you get started.

    • Hi, Geraldine,
      Thanks for reading with us, and leaving our first actual comment. Arthur said we should frame it.

      Yes, there may well be some glitches, as B says she is abit over her head with this. It may take some time, maybe even the weekend coming up, before she understands some of the finer things, in WordPress. It is quite abit different from Blogger. So, how did you find us, if not through your blogs?

      However, our boat has launched, so to speak. Do you truly think we may connect with some nice cats? Arthur wonders about felines of the female kind.

      Please say hello to Mr. Chedder, who is our Number 1 inspiration in the
      blogging area.
      Herb (and of course Artie)

  4. Hi, When I clicked your comment over at Veggies….it comes up as not found. I found the kitties new blog when i stopped at Mullin Ave. and looked in the sidebar. wp has it’s good and bad points, one of the good is a support team that actually answers emails, unlike blogger. good luck with the new blog H and A. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, there, Teri,
      It is most exciting to have you visit and follow along.
      We love your art, and thoughts!
      B has quite alot to learn about blogging, and so hopefully you can expect some improvements here soon!
      Meooow! (er we meant Ciaooow!)
      Herb and Artie

    • Hey, Ger, B was taking some pictures today, for us, as we plan on a small tour of our abode, and one or two of our favourite things here. Coming soon, once we can get B off the keyboard, er…we mean, when the computer is free.

  5. Hi Boys! I finally lifted my head up long enough from unpacking the boxes and trying to make sure Miss Bumby is properly settled and asked B where your blog was. And I found it?! Now surely you two are so smart that you know all about this wordpress stuff, come on don’t hold out on the old gal, let her in on the easy secrets of wordpress. Easy for me to say since I’ve never used it, but I don’t have the smart intellect of the feline species.

    So, now I will try to put you on my sidebar so anyone lurking on my blog might see your handsome faces and read your words of wisdom..

    Ann TBL

    • Ann,
      We HAVE been reading along with B, over at TBL, and have been following the Bostons’ adventures with some envy. How exciting for them to be co-pilots in the amazing and shiny yellow van. We were worried about Panda for abit when she had some problems with the dry air, and possible altitude difficulties, and had that stressful breathing, but glad to see it resolved once on land.

      Unfurrrrrtunately we don’t know WordPress, and must wait for B to figure it out so to speak, our expertise is more in the making of excellent prose, and wise and sometimes pithy comments. Of course we also excell at meditation and woolgathering. (As we’re sure you’re Bumby also excells).

      Quite right of you, however to grasp the superior intellect of we felines, although we will say B does take excellent care of us.

      B has spent an entire evening “downloading” – whatever that may be – uninteresting articles on” the care of toddlers”, and “creating environments for toddlers”, and still has not gotten around to improving this blog. However she is hoping tomorrow, we might actually post!

      You’re too kind, but thanks for the compliment about our pic, and so, now we must say good night, and wishing every human, and every canine, and feline at Boston Manor a good night too!
      Herb and Art

  6. Just stopping in to say hi and see if there’s a new post up from the fellas. Too bad. 😦

    Do feel free to enter the yarn contest Brenda. There’s no restrictions re: past winners, it’s all random drawing for the winner. I have other past winners who have already entered. Some great prizes up for grabs too. πŸ™‚

    Happy Week and thanks for the comments, all appreciated. G

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