A small tour of our apartment…

Hi, there, Herb here. This is my second attempt to post a  new post. B still hasn’t figured everything out, and we lost our completed post. It seems to have something to do with posting pictures. So, here I go again! Really, it is time for B, to read her book Blogging for Dummies, given to her for Christmas this year by her son Paul.Image


B beginning to take pictures according to our instructions.We had to insist that she get off the computer and give us a chance to write here – fair is fair. She has been wasting time watching/listening to Youtube videos of Gordon Lightfoot all day. I believe she’s been watching mostly, and has fallen in love with the image of Lightfoot. She needs to get out of the apartment more.


We’ll be giving you a shorter version of a tour of our favourite places in the apartment

Okay here goes!


Food pantry. Always an important place in any home.



Dinner dishes.

Water dish. But B has the wrong idea, the name Prince refers more to a very large dog who slobbers, I feel.




A good spot for sunbathing. We take turns with the chair. When I want it, I jump up, and push Artie off. Being larger than him has it’s advantages.


B’s feet – not really part of the tour, but humorous we think


Artie’s fav toy, his Bizzy Ball. This also shows our tunnel, given to us by our friend, Teana. Art likes to chase this bizzy ball madly around the apartment, which can be abit annoying, but he still is a good cat.


Favourite mice sent to us by our buddy, Mr. Cheddar. Mr. Ched, is our favourite celebrity feline blogger, and as well a true Sophistocat. 🙂


Another mouse given to us by a canine friend, Allie, a very pretty Aussie. She was our neighbour at the old house, and came every evening to ask B, and our dog, Sam for a walk. I think she mistook us for sheep, and felt it was her job to check in on us every evening.


B’s favourite coffee mug, which reminds her of her Sheltie, Rocky. Rocky was my very good friend too.

We might say these favourite objects are a kind of talisman. Our friend Ms. Ger, at her blog, Take a Happy Break, recently wrote an interesting post on talismans. After some meditation on this subject we feel  a talisman can be a special object which gives comfort, and reminds us of the giver if it is a gift.So, it can be a means of lifting sad thoughts, maybe, or giving an inner smile, thinking about a person or a special time.

We have several kinds of these, as does B. Do you have special mementos or talismans around your home?


Artie has been sitting and watching me, as I type here. He’s had some good ideas, next time it will be his turn to type.


Artie decided we needed an action photo here. He’s looking in our tunnel in this picture.B couldn’t get a good one showing him running through the tunnel – something he loves doing over and over again.


Okay, time to try this again. Next time maybe we’ll be able to write more thoughtful, possibly even edifying comments, and reflections.

Herb and Art out!

Miaoowww! – er…Ciaoooow for now!


11 thoughts on “A small tour of our apartment…

  1. Herbert, you are one handsome cat! And pretty good with the words too. B has obviously been suppressing your talent. Thanks for the look around your favorite spots. And for the Puuuurfect picture of Artie all stretched out. I am a huge fan of you two through B’s blog and am so happy she has finally stopped watching Gordon and given you your chance to say what’s on your mind. I may even let Bumby on here one time to respond to your wise words.

    Talismans. Yes, I have a lot of them. I have many things that are my parents and certain little ones, like an angel figurine that was my mother’s always makes me feel good when I look at it. Also, I have an addiction to Blue Ball Jars. They may me feel good to look at them because they are pretty and I enjoy hunting for them for a good price. They also remind me of my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding last Sept. They were one of the first things I put up in my new home, so I could really feel at home – along with my mother’s angel.

    Of course, the Bostons could be considered talismans as Mr. T gave the word that we could get one then the other and they are quite special, but aren’t really objects, so I guess they aren’t talismans afterall.

    I really like your special toys and I think Bumby and Miss Darcy would be quite enthralled if I showed them those pictures. Darcy boasts a large collection of play mice that all seem to end up under the beds or couches.

    Say hi to B for me and have a good week!

    Ann TBL

    • Dear Ann,
      So nice to see you here!
      We love “The Boston Lady”, and the stories you tell about Panda, Sadie, Bumby, Darcy and Stanley, too. We imagine, that Stanley, although quite large, doesn’t slobber. 🙂 We hope the weekend went well, and that Stanley and the cats have begun to be friends.

      Thanks for telling us about your special objects, or talismans. They sound
      very special.

      Artie is the one who plays the most with the mice, and although we don’t really catch him in action, they do move from place to place throughout the
      day., and often end up behind the couch – another of our favourite spots.

      B has decided to get off Youtube for a few days, and enjoy the real world -get out for more walks, and enjoy the nice weather.:)

      We’ll be reading soon over at TBL, hoping to hear how Mr. Stanley did with the felines.
      Herb and Art

  2. Oh my goodness Herbert, you have such a talent for writing! Loved hearing every word. I have to say that the pix of B could pass for me. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t!
    Your tour was delightful. That sunny spot is perfect for napping. Yu guys have a great life!!

    Hugs to you all.

    • Hi, Teri,
      Thanks for your encouraging comments. Writing actual posts is new to me, although I do always have lots on my mind I’d like to share.
      We like B just fine, she does take excellent care of us, although when she works we don’t see enough of her.
      Luv from Herb and Artie

  3. Herbert you have outdone yourself!!! Mr. Cheddar and I thoroughly enjoyed your first post. What a clever feline you are and so handsome too. We had some laughs reading along too. Including your Mom’s feet was a stroke of genius. Keep up the good work and keep those photos and posts coming.

    I must admit to a long-time love of all things Lightfoot too. I never tire of his music. It remains fresh and relevant after all these years.

    Take care you guys and be nice to your mom. Remember, she is the keeper of the kibble!!! 😉

    • Hi, Geraldine, and Chedman!!!!
      Wow! This blogging is just so exciting! It’s just so amazing to see that my fav feline celebrity blogger – you the Chedman – came by to actually visit US!!!
      And you too Ger, you are an amazing blogger too!!!
      Herb says that next time I can type the post, so be sure and come back, and visit!!!

      P.S. Dear Ms. Ger,
      I have now been able to get onto the keyboard, and respond more sensibly to your very kind comments.
      We are honoured that you and Mr. Cheddar enjoyed our humble post, and the tour of our small, but comfortable home.We both admire your career Mr. Ched as a reviewer of fine feline products, and books. We loved your “Where’s Mr. Cheddar” puzzle. You are in fact our major inspiration to begin our small blog.Please drop by any time, you are always welcome!
      You too, dear Ms. Ger!

  4. Artie, when are you going to pen your first solo post???? Mr. Cheddar and i want to know. He is sitting on my lap right now, wondering about Arthur’s latest news.

    Hope it’s coming up soon.

    Happy Week to you all, G and C 🙂

    • Hi there, Ger, and Chedster,
      Well, at this moment B has been uploading some recent pics, and I’ve been trying to get over writer’s block, when I’m not snoozing, or trying to capture sunbeams – (Herb says this is another way of saying, I’ve been lazy – but he does tend to be a bit of a wet blanket at times, if you catch my drift) :).
      So thanks for the nudge, and I think all being well, and the keyboard being available, we might have a post ASAP!!!
      I hope all’s well with boith of you!

  5. Oh, such gorgeous lads!!!

    Mr. Cheddar sends headbonks your way. He is on the move again today, we are flying to Vancouver later this afternoon. Thanks to Rescue Remedy, he is much calmer on flights now. 😉

    • Well, my goodness, this is interesting news, Dear Ched and Ger, Have a safe and good trip. B has used Rescue Remedy with me and Art, in the evenings a few times, and it is definitely the cat’s meow.
      Take care, Ger, I hope all goes well with your travels, will be hoping to hear more about how you, Joe and the Chedster are once all is settled. I hope you will enjoy the Christmas season in your new surroundings,
      Love Brenda

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